Preview IEEE CCNC 2014 Innovative Demonstrations at CES 2014

Located at the IEEE Booth (#30242) in the South Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center.

Orange Labs, France Telecom R&D
Date of Demo:  January 7, 2014
McMaster University, Hamilton, Ont.
Date of Demo:  January 7, 2014

EtherTrust SAS
Date of Demo:  January 8, 2014

Samsung Information Systems America, Inc.
Date of Demo:  January 8, 2014

Athonet SRL
Date of Demo:   January 9, 2014
Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt
Date of Demo:  January 9 – 10, 2014

Institute of Computational Ecology
Date of Demo:   January 10, 2014


Demonstrations at IEEE CCNC 2014


A Secure Cloud of Electronic Keys for NFC Locks Securely Controlled by NFC Smartphones
Description:   This demonstration shows an innovative and secure framework targeting access control in the internet of things, with NFC (Near Field Communication) enabled smartphones.
Author:   Pascal Urien (Télécom ParisTech, France)      

Demonstration of an Ultra-Low Latency Energy-Efficient Internet for Cloud Computing           
Description:   An Enhanced-Internet network which can achieve 'ultra-low-latency' energy-efficient communications for cloud services is demonstrated.                       
Author:   Ted H. Szymanski (Mcmaster University, Canada)  


Demonstration of Adaptive Multi-Gateway Mesh Network        
Description:   A system with which anyone can build a network easily anywhere is needed in disaster areas and developing countries where the communication infrastructure is unstable.

Authors:   Takaaki Kawai (Shizuoka University, Japan); Naoki Yusa (Shizuoka University, Japan); Hiroshi Mineno (Shizuoka University, Japan)     

Parallel Implementation of Public Key Cryptosystems using Web Workers     
Description:   Web Workers is a specification that defines an API which allows Web application developers to use background workers running scripts in parallel.  

Authors:   Takuya Sumi (Kyushu University, Japan); Tsukasa Ishiguro (KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., Japan); Shinsaku Kiyomoto (KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., Japan); Yutaka Miyake (KDDI R&D Laboratories Inc., Japan); Toru Kobayashi (Nagasaki University, Japan); Tsuyoshi Takagi (Kyushu University, Japan)          

Browser-based Web Content Sharing System              
Description:   The demonstration will show the novel method to distribute watching partial web contents to other screen in web browsing environment.        
Authors:  Sanghong An (KAIST, Korea); Hyeontaek Oh (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); S. M. Park (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Jinhong Yang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Jun Kyun Choi (KAIST, Korea)     

Gas Leak Detection and Localization System Through Wireless Sensor Networks      
Description:    In this demonstration proposal we use a prototype of a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) to monitor and locate gas leaks of a complex indoor environment.

Authors:  Petros Spachos (University of Toronto, Canada); Liang Song (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, P.R. China); Dimitrios Hatzinakos (University of Toronto, Canada) 

Wireless Multihop Networking for a Scalable Indoor Temperature Monitoring System
Description:    In this demonstration proposal a novel network architecture of opportunistic routing is introduced, based upon the cognitive networking concept which opportunistically utilize the network resources, including both spectrum and station availability. 

Authors:   Petros Spachos (University of Toronto, Canada); Liang Song (University of Shanghai for Science and Technology, P.R. China); Dimitrios Hatzinakos (University of Toronto, Canada)   

A Small Gadget for User Generated Live Streaming    
Description:   In this paper, we propose a small gadget for user generated live streaming.
Author:   Tomoki Yoshihisa (Osaka University, Japan)           

Real-time Multimedia Streaming in Unstructured Peer-to-Peer Networks         
Description:   Our approach is based on semantic search in unstructured peer-to-peer (P2P) networks for querying content in mobile ad hoc networks and MPEG-DASH for actually streaming the real-time multimedia.           
Authors:  Benjamin Rainer (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria); Christian Timmerer (Alpen-Adria-Universität Klagenfurt, Austria); Matthias Klusch (DFKI, Germany); Patrick Kapahnke (DFKI, Germany)      


HybridEarth: Social Mixed Reality at Planet Scale       
Description:    Using Google StreetView navigable imagery and adding users' avatars to it, we implemented a virtual world copy of the real world.
Authors:   Jean de Campredon (Telecom ParisTech, France); Raluca Diaconu (Orange Labs, UPMC/LIP6, France); Joaquin Keller (Orange Labs, France); Elodie Triponez (EPFL, Switzerland)         

Hierarchical Automatic Speech Recognition powered by Data Infrastructure   
Description:    Consumer Electronics, Smart Phone, Automatic Speech Recognition, S-Voice, Data infrastructure
Authors:   Arun Jagatheesan (Samsung R&D Center, USA); Jong Hoon Ahnn (Samsung Research America, USA); Juhan Lee (Microsoft, USA); Juhan Lee (Samsung Research America, USA)     


iCasa, a development and simulation environment for pervasive health applications
In this demonstration, we present an integrated environment for the development, test and execution of pervasive applications in the home context.   
Authors:   Clément Escoffier (Grenoble University, France); Philippe Lalanda (Laboratoire LSR IMAG, France); Catherine Hamon (Orange, France)           

Using Malicious Media Files to Compromise the Security and Privacy of Smart TVs  
Description:    In this demo we show a practical attack against the built-in media player feature of smart TVs.              
Authors:   Benjamin Michéle (Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany); Andrew Karpow (Berlin Institute of Technology, Germany)

Demonstration of an LTE portable network for private and emergency use     
This demo will show how a private LTE network can offer privileged access to voice and video services for enterprise/ government.
Author:   Gianluca Verin (Athonet, Italy)  

IoT Gadget Control on Wireless AP at Home   
The demonstration shows the IoT gadget registration, monitoring, and control on the wireless AP.         
Jinhong Yang (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Hyojin Park (Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology, Korea); Yongrok Kim (KAIST, Korea); Jun Kyun Choi (KAIST, Korea)     

Storage to Energy Calculator  
Description:   The demonstration we propose will allow conference visitors to use our website/calculator to get a sense for the impact of offloading their storage and computational tasks.        
Arie Taal (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands); Marc Makkes (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands); Paola Grosso (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands) 


Multiplatform Games for Dyslexia Identification in Preschoolers         
One of the main challenges is to be able to identify Dyslexia in preschoolers. To this aim we have developed a set of serious games that are the core of this demo.                      
Andrea Facoetti (University of Padua, Italy); Sandro Franceschini (University of Padua, Italy); Ombretta Gaggi (University of Padua, Italy); Giorgia Galiazzo (University of Padua, Italy); Simone Gori (University of Padua, Italy); Claudio E. Palazzi (University of Padua, Italy); Milena Ruffino (Scientific Institute IRCCS Eugenio Medea, Italy)   


Ultra-Scale Environmental Monitoring - The Intelligent River®
Volume of data in these Real-time streams can quickly overwhelm monitoring systems, communication infrastructure, and downstream processing system. To address these issues, we designed the Intelligent River®, a three layer architecture consisting of a sensor fabric, a data communication network, and a data analytics system.                       
Vamsi Gondi (Clemson University, USA); Chuck Cook (Clemson University, USA); Jason Hallstrom (Clemson University, USA); Gene Eidson (Clemson University, USA); Christopher Post (Clemson University, USA)                  

Demonstration of Advanced Cloud-based Systems and Smart Mobile Devicesfor Mega Event Pilgrimage Ritual Management

Description:   A cloud-based system architecture and its associated innovative smart devices are recently developed to meet the mega event annual Islamic Pilgrimage challenges. New technological solutions to be implemented for the electronic management of the Islamic Pilgrimage.
Authors:   Sami S Alwakeel ( King Saud University, College of Computer & Information Science, Saudi Arabia);Bassem Alhalabi (RnD G’s Inc, Florida, USA ); Mohammed Alwakeel (Sensor Network & Cellular System (SNCS) Center, Tabuk University, Tabuk, Saudi Arabia)